I've started many, many blogs over decades. This is another one, a sort of web-based log, that allows me to share the things I find on the internet that I'm interested in. There's a particular emphasis on technical content, as well as a weekly round-up of YouTube videos I watched in the past week, among other things. Microblerg posts are short takes on a topic, kind of like if the social network you were posting on had some kind of character limit - a micro web log, if you will. Laterblerg posts are retrospectives, usually photo round-ups that focus on a particular activity or theme. In the top bar, you can find the extremes of two types of content - my photo stream, with just a gallery photos I've taken, and my professional portfolio. I'm currently trying to post at least once a week.

Membership Button

See that pink thing in the lower-right? This blog software allows for invite-based access to a separate section of private posts. If you know me, you can reach out to ask for an invitation to join the site. You won't have to create a username and password or anything, and there's no comment section; it will just be a link that's emailed to you when you want to enable viewing any private-marked posts. I've left this invite-only section on to make these sorts of web-based log posts for updates on my personal life that might otherwise have been posts on some kind of ongoing infinite algorithmic feed of news on another social network. Much like my usage of that other social network, though, those sorts of posts are at best infrequent, and the focus of the site remains the public posts.