August Updates Round-Up (In September)

Sumas Mountain and the Queensborough Bridge at sunrise

Hello again! My entire existence is moving boxes; all I can see and all that I am is corrugated paper and very cheap packing tape, but I am indeed still alive. The homelab situation has improved such that all of my devices are on a network that I pay for, but for now the VPS remains the primary node running all the homelab workloads. I'm currently running off of the rented ISP modem/router (ugh) that seems to be mandatory (UGH) for $10/mo, but since I own a cable modem, I plan to test slowly swapping out some of that equipment to see if I can get away with returning that to Shaw and replacing the network gear with my setup from the old place.

In a huge benefit that I didn't notice until after signing the lease, the whole apartment is wired with Cat5e in the walls! While I don't need all 3 of my WiFi mesh nodes to cover this much-smaller space, all 3 of them do have 4 Ethernet ports each, which makes it very easy for me to set up an almost-entirely-hardwired LAN, once I have the time to take the network down and some more of these boxes are out of the way.

Once the physical layout of the LAN is complete, I'll start migrating workloads back. I don't want to start messing with the production environment until I'm certain any re-IPing, etc, is complete. I'm stuck with 970/100Mbps speeds here, a downgrade from the 1/1Gbps at the old place, which may necessitate keeping some VPS-based workloads - but that feels unlikely. I may serve a lot of photos from this blog, but there aren't a whole lot of you reading it, so full gig out doesn't seem hugely important, at least not for the time being.

With all that out of the way, here are a few links I've collected over the past few weeks!

  1. Pine64 community drama round-up - Drew DeVault weighs in on a PostmarketOS developer leaving the Pine64 community after many attempts to tear the project away from its tunnel-vision on Manjaro. Pine64 responds - poorly. Drew is disappointed. I feel like every open-source hardware project has to go through some level of foot-shootingness; at least Pine64's didn't come with $2,000 bullets. (That's a Purism joke. Because their phones are way too expensive. I didn't say it was a good Purism joke!)
  2. The Speakeasy Economy of WeChat - a short tour through Bloomington, Indiana's informal economy as managed by WeChat. Interesting both as a recent immigrant myself and as someone very familiar with Bloomington.
  3. Running Ubuntu 22.04 on an Acer Spin 5 SP513-54N - I've updated this blog post very briefly, as the fix for the touchpad/touchscreen drivers have been released in an updated kernel 5.19 package for Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish

Let's do a brief mini-TWIY that is apparently all Music Youtube this time, and it actually might be a real TWIY because I can't be bothered to go too far in my history for the brief time I have to write this post today.

Daniel Thrasher does a just fantastic parody of Hamilton

Sublime Seth Everman energy

Imaginary Ambition is back! Wow! As usual, excellent

As always, more soon!

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