Microblerg: This Week in Youtube, July 10-16 2022

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Welcome back to TWIY. I watch a lot of YouTube. Here's what I liked this week that I thought was worth sharing, in no particular order except when they show up on my YouTube history.

Mehdi from ElectroBOOM is as chaotic and funny as he always is, but I was surprised you can actually make a pretty decent foam cutter - and Medhi can cut a pretty decent duck out of foam freehand - using a hair dryer.

As I've previously mentioned, new Bill Wurtz is automatically on this list.

Not terrifically relevant to my own culinary adventures but very interesting nonetheless, Adam does some side-by-side testing of various recipes containing egg foams with very short-term beating verses careful folding. A Betteridge exception, or a not, depending on whether you're evaluating the thumbnail or the actual video title. I wonder if he did that on purpose.

I think I'll be revisiting this one later. Wendell covers a huge array of different adapters, dongles, and breakout boards to make whatever format of PCI lane you have useful to whatever it is that you need speaking PCI, even if the normal headers on your board are all full.

I love 12tone, and I love revisiting pop-punk and emo. The Middle is, as he illustrates, an uncharacteristically optimistic and happy take on the theme of teenagerhood, and his analysis was very enjoyable both because of his expertise but also the joy of the song itself.

That's all for this week! I might have to skip a week or two of TWIY while I'm mired in moving, but I'll be back eventually!

Jordan Cooks

Jordan Cooks

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