Microblerg: This Week in Youtube, June 19-25 2022

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Welcome back to TWIY. I watch a lot of YouTube. Here's what I liked this week that I thought was worth sharing. Here's this weeks unranked list in order of when these graced my screen.

1. New Bill Wurtz always will make this list. I imagine he was doing something to do with geometry or architecture or something with the concept of the ground-plane in what must be assumed was one of the rare moments he's not making music, and he thought up this punny idea for a song about a ground plane. But who knows, it's Bill Wurtz. It's definitely better that we don't have an explanation.

2. New Brian David Gilbert will also always make this list, even if it is a Youtube Haiku gag. You'll probably play this a few times in a row. If you're new to Brian David Gilbert, this may not hit as particularly funny. But I'm envious of you if you're new to Brian David Gilbert, you've got a lot of great stuff to catch up on (most of it is much more fleshed-out than this).

3. Postmodern Jukebox did not try to mess too much with this classic and still made something that I feel is worth listening to for its take on this cover of Hallelujah.

4. Gorillaz has a new single out, apparently. It's fine? I'll have to listen to it a few more times - I like it, maybe I just need to hear it in headphones, but I felt it lacked some of the depth and surprise of my favorite Gorillaz tracks.

5. Aside from the obvious - it's a bad idea for every conceivable reason, and I haven't owned any of the equipment to do so for over a decade - I'm not sure why it's never occurred to me to make a RAID0 out of USB floppy disk drives. Luckily for me, Action Retro found a 20-year-old Wired article and decided to recreate this monstrosity in 2022, but bigger, and he filmed it.

That's it for this week - a very music-heavy set of recommendations for you this time around!

Jordan Cooks

Jordan Cooks

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