Morning, the Third Day

Contrary to the post title, this photo is from Friday

It's been quiet around here because I've been in a whirlwind of moving. Today is my third full day in Vancouver, and I figured in lieu of regular content, I'd share a few photos from the past few days.

We've arrived in Vancouver at the tail-end of a heatwave, which has been perfect - most of the day is in the low 70s climbing up to near 80 in the early evening (no, I have no intention of switching to Celsius). The AirBnB we're in while we search for an apartment has a little separate office room, which I set up for work yesterday, and aside from some networking disappointments (I'd really like to be using my own Wireguard on a VPS to tunnel back to the US for Hulu, but the first one I set up is already blocked) I'm very happy with the setup. The dog seems to be taking the change not-so-great, but she's no fan of the 10+ hours we spent on the road, and especially not of having to go into a crate outside while we were processed by immigration. I'm sure she's also disappointed that there isn't as much garbage on the streets here to eat as there was back in Oregon, but I'm not!

I should be back to more regular content soon, or at least some more photos as I explore and settle in more.

Jordan Cooks

Jordan Cooks

Jordan listens to too many podcasts, has too many streaming subscriptions, loves dogs, is the Integration Engineer Team Lead at Bitwarden, and makes a mean vegan baked mac and cheeze.
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