This Week in Youtube, July 3-9

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Welcome back to This Week in Youtube, with a bonus section for a TV series trailer this week!

Let's start with that trailer. James May of Top Gear fame has also done a lot of spin-off shows, many that are now available on or were produced for Amazon Prime, from Cars of the People to Oh Cook! - but one of my favorites remains Our Man in Japan, an excellent travelogue/adventure show, with a similar tone to a Top Gear special. On July 15th, the latest of these endeavors is premiering on Prime, Our Man in Italy, and I watched the trailer for it this week - it looks as excellent as anything.

Last Week Tonight took the week off, which means they produced a hilarious one-off web exclusive segment on terrifying beach detritus in Texas.

I had no idea there were two completely different technologies for detecting smoke, but Technology Connections, as always, goes into detail and sets a good baseline for what to look out for next time I find myself simply unplugging a smoke detector for a nuisance alarm instead of figuring out why it's false-flagging.

That's it from YouTube for this week! Speaking of streaming television, I allowed my 3-month free trial of Apple TV that I got from Best Buy on Black Friday to lapse this week. If someone could let me know when anything new actually gets released on that service, that'd be great - I picked up another 3-month trial code for it from Best Buy again that I'll activate whenever there's anything worth watching. It didn't take long to burn through what's currently there, although what I did watch I really enjoyed - Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, and Schmigadoon!.

Jordan Cooks

Jordan Cooks

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