Jordan Cooks

Jordan Cooks

Jordan listens to too many podcasts, has too many streaming subscriptions, loves dogs, is the Integration Engineer Team Lead at Bitwarden, and makes a mean vegan baked mac and cheeze.

Upscayl: AI image resolution increase-er

Upscayl is not capable of adding detail especially in challenging lighting, so this photo is unmodified
Upscayl is a FOSS project that runs as an Electron application and utilizes a dGPU and machine learning to increase the resolution of photos, adding geometry via AI. I tried it out this weekend on a few old Facebook photos, and the results were interesting.

August Updates Round-Up (In September)

Sumas Mountain and the Queensborough Bridge at sunrise
Hello again! My entire existence is moving boxes; all I can see and all that I am is corrugated paper and very cheap packing tape, but I am indeed still alive.