Microblerg: This Week in Youtube, June 12-18 2022

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I watch a lot of YouTube. Here's what I liked this week that I thought was worth sharing. These aren't ranked, they're just in order of when I watched them beginning with the beginning of the week - I think it will be much easier for me to maintain this format going forward.

  1. Peter Bence playing an incredible cover of Rocket Man with a piano and a looper. I've followed Peter Bence for a long time, but this most-recent video is definitely one of his better ones.

2. Half as Interesting with "Why the NYPD has an Office in Singapore," which has a much-stranger explanation that I imagined - apparently there is an entire department in the NYPD that's privately-funded and stations officers overseas.

3. Paweł Zadrożniak ("Computer Hardware Orchestra") brings back the Floppotron series with Floppotron 3.0. The song Floppotron 3.0 is playing is one that has always really annoyed me, but it's still a fun watch for the sheer ridiculous scale of it.

4. Hank Green walking through the 11 steps it took to get the misleading headline "You're Eating a Credit Card-Worth of Plastic Every Week." An interesting explanation of why something that looks quite credible, even to a discerning reader, might still be completely wrong.

Jordan Cooks

Jordan Cooks

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