Framework Laptop 11th-Gen DIY Edition

Inside of the box of the Framework DIY Edition
It was well-past time for my partner's laptop to be upgraded, but when it started exhibiting signs of battery failure the timeline moved to immediate. We'd already decided to buy her a Framework laptop, as it's a well-priced, balanced-power, and most importantly, sustainable and repairable option.

Microblerg: Mountain Dew Flamin' Hot

The part where it seems like a horrible idea is its appeal.

At first glance, I thought it was just the current special flavor of MTN Dew, some watermelon thing. Once I parsed the logo-text Flamin' Hot, I knew I couldn't not buy it. It was disappointing, but not in the way I expected: it tasted exactly like any other orange soda, but it tickled a bit at the back of my throat. There was no perceptible heat flavor, just the throat sensation, and even that barely built on itself.